The original Sylvia's, as it is affectionately known, was opened in New York's historic village of Harlem in 1962 by the late world renowned chef Sylvia Woods.  To date this soul food institution is owned and operated by the Woods family, and is known as "the world's kitchen" serving authentic southern cuisine to soul food enthusiasts, celebrities and dignitaries alike for 51 years.


This enterprise has expanded over the years to include Sylvia's Catering, Sylvia’s Food Products sold nationwide, two cookbooks, and ATOC, Inc., a real estate holding company.


That same spirit drives the new St. Petersburg restaurant, which officially opened to the public in November 2013 with the family backing of Larry and Bettye Newsome of Aracle Foods, and a network of community leaders.


Sylvia’s St. Petersburg is the first upscale soul food eatery in the City’s history, and helps fulfill a long-held dream to revive the historic Manhattan Casino, which opened in the 1920's as a dance hall hosting star performers such as James Brown, Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Ray Charles, Nat King Cole, Sarah Vaughn, and others.


Visit us 7 days a week, or call for reservations or information: 727-824-7221.











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  • Appetizers


    Coconut Shrimp.... 9.95

    With Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce


    Sylvia’s Sassy Wings.... 8.50


    Catfish Fingers.... 9.50


    Fried Green Tomatoes.... 6.95

    With Ranch Dressing



    Soulful Chicken Fingers.... 7.95

    With Honey Mustard Sauce


    Salmon Bites.... 6.95


    Chicken Livers.... 6.95

    With Sylvia’s Brown Gravy

  • Salads

    Mixed Greens Salad.... 4.95

    With Grilled Chicken Breast.... 9.95

    With Grilled Salmon.... 11.95

    With Grilled Shrimp.... 10.95


    Veggie Platter (choose 4 sides).... 10.95

  • Breakfast Traditions

    Two Eggs Any Style.... 3.95


    Country Style Slab  Bacon and Two Eggs.... 6.95


    Bacon and Two Eggs.... 6.95


    Uncle John's Sausage and Eggs.... 7.95


    Pork or Turkey Sausage Patties.... 6.95


    Ham and Eggs.... 7.95


    Southern Fried Chicken and Eggs.... 8.95

    White Meat.... 9.95


    Sauteed Chicken Livers.... 7.95


    Corn Meal Dusted Catfish.... 10.95


    Grandma Julia's Tilapia and Eggs.... 7.95




    Salmon Cakes and Eggs.... 7.50


    Shrimp & Grits with Eggs.... 10.95


    Cheese Omelette.... 5.95


    Western Omelette.... 7.95

    Onions, Peppers and Ham


    Shrimp Omelette.... 10.95


    Omelette Station (Sat & Sun Only ).... 9.95


    Hotcakes or Waffle.... 6.00


    Regular Bacon.... 7.95

    Slab Bacon.... 8.95

    Uncle John's Sausage.... 8.95

    Pork or Turkey Sausage Patty.... 7.95

    Fried Chicken (Dark Meat).... 8.95

    Fried Chicken (White Meat).... 9.95

    Chicken Tenders.... 10.95






  • Lunch Specials

    Served Monday-Friday 11am - 3pm. Includes your choice of 2 side orders.


    Baked Ham.... 7.95


    Salmon Croquettes.... 7.95


    Chicken Livers.... 7.95


    Herb Baked Chicken Leg.... 7.95


    Fried or Smothered Chicken Leg.... 7.95

    8pc. Wings with Fries.... 6.95                                                Add Side.... 8.95

    (Buffalo, Sassy, Honey BBQ, Sweet & Spicy)


    2 Chicken Tenders with Fries.... 6.95                                Add Side.... 8.95


    Fried Livers or Gizzards with Fries.... 6.95


    Chicken Salad Sandwich with Chips.... 6.95


    Grilled Herb Chicken Wrap with Chips.... 6.95


    Side Salad.... 1.99

  • Daily Specials

    Includes your choice of 2 side orders.



    Stewed Chicken and Dumplings.... 9.95


    Tuesday - Wednesday:

    Meatloaf with Sylvia's Secret Sauce.... 9.95

    Oxtails A Taste of the South.... 11.95


    Thursday :

    Stewed Turkey Wings with homemade cornbread dressing.... 9.95


    Friday – Sunday:

    Time Honored Southern Style Chitterlings.... 14.95

  • Entrees



    Seafood Selections


    Catch of the Day.... Market Price


    Golden Fried, BBQ or Grilled

    Shrimp.... 14.95


    Tasty Carolina Style Fried or Grilled

    Catfish.... 12.95


    Grilled Atlantic BBQ Salmon.... 14.95


    Salmon Croquettes.... 12.95







    Sylvia's World Famous BBQ Ribs

    & Fried Chicken.... 16.95

    with Sylvia's Original Sassy Sauce (sold in supermarkets)

    All White.... 17.95


    Seafood Combo - Fried Shrimp &

    Fried Whiting.... 18.95







    Chicken & Waffles


    California Style Smothered Chicken and Waffle.... 9.95

    All White Meat.... 10.95


    Harlem Style Fried Chicken and Waffle.... 9.95

    All White Meat.... 10.95





    Includes your choice of 2 side orders and cornbread.


    Chicken Selections


    Chicken Livers Sauteed with Onions and Peppers,

    Topped with Gravy.... 9.95


    Grilled Herb Chicken Breast.... 10.95


    Oven Baked Half Chicken.... 12.95


    Sylvia's Down Home Fried or

    Smothered Chicken ....9.95

    All White Meat.... $10.95





    Beef & Pork Selections


    Short Ribs of Beef with Sylvia's Secret

    Brown Gravy.... 23.95


    Grilled BBQ Short Ribs of Beef.... 23.95


    Grilled U.S. Prime Steak.... 23.95


    Sylvia's World Famous talked about BBQ Ribs....15.95

    with Sylvia's Original Sassy Sauce (sold in supermarkets)


    Golden Fried, Grilled or Smothered Pork Chops.... 12.95

    One Pork Chop....10.95


    Baked Ham.... 10.95


    Sylvia's Sassy Angus Burger with Sweet Potato Fries or French Fries.... 8.95





  • Sides

    Collard Greens.... 3.25

    (traditional or vegetarian)


    Buttered Corn .... 3.25

    (Mon. - Thurs.)


    Garlic Mashed Potatoes .... 3.25


    Potato Salad.... 3.25


    Okra & Tomato Gumbo.... 3.25

    (Fri. - Sat.)


    Steamed Rice.... 3.25


    String Beans.... 3.25


    Black Eyed Peas.... 3.25

    (Wed. - Sun.)


    Baked Macaroni & Cheese.... 3.25


    Lima Beans.... 3.25

    (Mon. - Tues.)


    Cowpeas & Rice....3.25

    (Fri. - Sat.)


    Candied Yams .... 3.25


    Pickled Beets.... 3.25

  • Children's Menu

    Includes your choice of 2 side orders.


    Fried Whiting.... 6.50


    Chicken Fingers.... 6.50


    Baked Ham.... 6.50


    Fried or Smothered Chicken Leg.... 6.50

  • Desserts

    Red Velvet Cake.... 4.50


    Chocolate Cake.... 4.50


    Banana Pudding.... 4.50


    Strawberry Bread Pudding

    with Bourbon Sauce.... 4.50


    Peach Cobbler.... 3.95

    (Sold in Supermarkets)



    Southern Style Banana Pudding.... 3.95


    Sweet Potato Pie.... 3.95


    Coconut Cake.... 4.50


    Ice Cream.... 4.50


    A La Mode.... 2.00

  • Beverages

    Lemonade.... 2.50


    Home Brewed Iced Tea.... 2.50


    Soft Drinks....  2.00


    Coffee or Tea.... 2.00

    Orange Juice.... 2.50


    Cranberry Juice.... 2.50


    Grandma Julia's Fruit Punch.... 3.00












We Cater To You....



Whether you are hosting a small or large event, our expert event team will cater to you. We offer in-house catering from our Sylvia's St. Petersburg menu or custom menus prepared by our chefs.


• Catering orders are for pick-up only (except for events

    held in our event center; The Historic Manhattan Casino)

• No catering deliveries at this time











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Career Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in a career at Sylvia's Restaurant - St. Petersburg.  We are currently hiring for the following positions:

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